what is Holistic nutrition?

Holistic Nutrition is the practice of improving someone’s health and dietary regime, taking into account a multitude of factors such as their occupation, family situation, lifestyle choices, and beliefs; just to name a few. A person’s ailments/issues are targeted from a physical, emotional, mental, and even spiritual angle, when appropriate. Each person is UNIQUE, and therefore requires a unique approach. 

What we offer

During our initial consultation, we will start with an in depth analysis of your dietary and lifestyle choices, as well as your current symptoms and main complaints. A full case study will then be returned to you within a few days, containing a Menu Plan, cooking tips, recipes, shopping lists and lifestyle recommendations, as well as a supplement regime if necessary.

But it doesn't stop there...

We don't believe in leaving you feeling overwhelmed or helpless in the midst of so many choices. Our initial meeting and feedback will be accompanied with a wide range of services from accompanied shopping sessions, food label readings, meditation/breathwork sessions, and even exercises for balancing emotions. Using a Holistic approach to health and nutrition, your expectations will surely be met.

Counting calories and strict diets are not our thing! We believe that nutrient quality and healthy sustainable eating habits are the foundation for optimum Digestive Health, Assimilation and Energy.


Digestive imbalances are the source of most disorders, due to poor food choices, assimilation and eating habits. We therefore pay a great deal of attention to the health of your digestive system, providing support especially for your stomach and liver. Say goodbye to bloating, gas, and indigestion, and hello to renewed assimilation and Energy!

Although common knowledge today, it still may seem surprising to some that your dietary habits will have a direct impact on your mental outlook. One of the main culprits here is blood sugar stability. We will provide excellent advice for helping stabilise your blood sugar levels, which are often the reason for ‘fluctuating moods’, as well as investigate many other areas which could be behind symptoms such as brain fog, confusion, loss of concentration, and irritability.  

We’ll never hear the end of these two! Well we know you can drastically reduce your levels of stress and anxiety through dietary and lifestyle changes. It can be easy, and fun, especially when energy is rediscovered, and put to better use. Remember, small amounts of daily stresses are good. It’s the amount and the way we choose to react that can lead to feelings of exhaustion and ‘burnout’. The right nutritional choices have got your back!

Whether you wish to lose those extra stubborn pounds, or gain healthier weight or muscle, we will accompany you in this goal step by step, always seeking to build lasting habits. Counting calories and strict diets are not our way of working with people, so be ready to restore yourself to your natural weight, and feel happy in your body, without feeling frustrated.

The Endocrine (Hormonal) system is vast and complex. Any imbalance in any of these areas (adrenals, thyroid…) can lead to a multitude of different symptoms and complaints. We can accompany you towards hormonal optimum through adapted nutritional and lifestyle choices. If a hormone test has been performed by your doctor or a certified laboratory, we can also guide you.

Whether a beginner, casual jogger, or athlete, we can support your dietary choices based on your physique and energy output levels. Furthermore, whether vegan, vegetarian, or omnivore, there are always the right food options for your exercise routine. We will fully support you in your goals.

Allergies…now there’s a tricky one! Despite what you may have been led to believe, allergies can manifest themselves as a multitude of symptoms, even as the most common ones such as fatigue and digestive issues. A careful analysis of your eating habits, food choices, environment, and especially the health and of your intestinal and immune systems will be the starting point for eliminating allergies, drastically improving your quality of life.

This system is as fascinating as it is complex! Supporting the Immune system is paramount for keeping the body and mind safe from external invaders and pathogens. Immune health and the health of the intestinal system go hand in hand, and we specialise in detecting and rectifying imbalances in these areas. 

We will accompany you towards ‘Hormone Harmony’, carefully supporting each phase in which you find yourself in, whether it concern fertility, pregnancy, PMS, perimenopause or menopause. Proper food and lifestyle choices are paramount in achieving this balanced state. 

We will accompany you towards hormone balance, carefully supporting each phase in which you find yourself in, whether it concern fertility, erectile function, andropause, or prostate problems. Proper food and lifestyle choices are paramount in achieving a state of Balance. 

''Our bodies are our gardens - our Wills are our gardners.''
- William Shakespeare

Prices / Services / Packages


Includes Nutritional Assessment & Recommendations, 

Lifestyle Assessment & Recommendations, 

Supplementation and a 5-Day Menu Plan


   FOLLOW UP – 50 

Overall reassessment of all symptoms,

recommendations, menu plans, and more…


As well as extending your menu plan to include all days of the week, we will accompany you on a shopping session in a location of your choice. We can also recommend places if you need, based on your home or work location. Together, we will choose the best products covered in your nutritional assessment and menu plan, as well as provide food label reading, and assess any other products of interest during the visit.

PRICE:  50€

We will explore in depth the areas of your life (at home and at work) which can be improved to further support your nutritional program.

PRICE – 30€

60 -75 Minute Breathwork and Meditation Session, with the goal to explore the inner world of emotions, ultimately accepting and freeing them. The session includes time for relaxation, Metta (Unconditional Love), and integration of the practice. They can be done in person, or at a distance online, via the zoom application for instance.

Alternatively, a personalised recording can be made and provided, supporting conditions such as anxiety, depression, eating disorders, ADHD etc…

PRICE – 50€


You will be accompanied over a 2 month period


You will be accompanied over a 3 month period


A personalised Breathwork and Meditation recording will be provided to support conditions such as anxiety, depression, eating disorders etc… 


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